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Our private chefs in the area of Groningen

Onze chefs zijn graag geziene gasten hier!

A Private Chef for every occasion: ChefMaison

A home cook for every occasion

We are aware that it is difficult to find the right chef for your special moment. One of the perks of ChefMaison is that you can find a chef in any city. Get inspired by experiences of other guests to find your perfect match. Get in touch with chefs that love to cook for you

Book a private dinner in Groningen

An exquisite dinner completes an unforgettable evening. ChefMaison enables you to contact chefs in the area of Groningen and to set up your menu together.Discuss your wishes and dietary preferences to complete your tailor-made menu. This way, you can experience menus and dishes that you will not find in any restaurant!

Chat directly with your favorite chef

ChefMaison allows you to directly contact your favorite chefs. Choose among a wide selection of star chefs, private chefs or hobby chefsand use our chat to contact your home cook. Collaborate to set up a menu that matches your preferences and culinary wishes, and arrange for an evening in which the chef can work his or her magic.

Discover new tastes Groningen with your private chef

ChefMaison facilitates the contact between you and multiple private chef in the vicinity of Groningen Arranging an unforgettable tailor-made dinner party has never been easier. Enjoy the creativity of our chefs, and discover dishes that you will not find on the menu of any restaurant. We invite you to taste the uniqueness of ChefMaison.

Get an idea of your evening with Chef Giovanni
Or watch how Chef Karim changes your back yard into a star restaurant:

For when would you like to book a home cook?

By filling out this form you can immediately reach out to all our chefs. They will send you custom menus before you can say cheese!